TV Mounting Mistakes to Avoid

TV mounts usually come in a package that contains everything that you need to get your TV up to the wall in no time. However, even the quickest and easiest installation instructions may be a little tricky for some. Problems may arise and it would compromise the security of the television.

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Listed below are the common mistakes that you should avoid when mounting televisions. Always keep these things in mind so that you are sure that you’re doing things right all the time. These are all for safety reasons, and not solely for your viewing pleasure.

1. Using the wrong drywall anchors.

When mounting TVs, it’s important that you use the drywall anchors that would support the weight of the TV and the mounting brackets itself. Drywall comes in different strengths, with the older ones crumbling away. The plaster can be quite problematic too. Also, you have to be sure that the studs are properly spaced. Installing drywall anchors is fine but you have to be careful in doing so because some parts of the wall maybe flimsy.

2. Missing the studs altogether.

Installing a TV wall mount requires you to install the studs correctly on the wall studs. To do that right, you have to install them on the right places. Stud finders can help you with that. These devices may set you back $10 to $50 but they work quite well. Get the highest quality of stud finders to get the best possible results. It’s not easy to get this done, so it’s important that you hire an expert in TV mounting in Marietta, GA to help you out. They would know what to do and accurately install the studs to secure your television on the wall.

3. Improper stud spacing

Finding the studs is just the start of it. You also have to install the studs with the right amount of space from each other. This is important so you can get your TV mounted right. You might need to use certain tools to get the right distance between each stud. Some use metal or plywood to determine the distance and then cut down the plate to conceal it. Those who are very concerned with aesthetics should consider hiring a qualified technician to do the job. Not Ensuring the Mount and TV are Level

4. Using subpar materials

When it comes to TV mounting packages, it is necessary for you to choose the best. There are simply a lot of these products available online and offline that it’s impossible to find out which brand is the best. To make sure that you’re making the right choice, read brand reviews from trusted sites. To be surer of your choices, you can consult with the experts about it. You have to spend extra time in research if you plan to make this a DIY project.

5. Not knowing the VESA size

VESA pertains to the placement of holes found at the back of the TV. Knowing about it leads you to the correct placement of holes. It allows you to attach your TV safely and properly, which is important in TV mounting.

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